Share What You Have and Experience the Joy Of Giving

Share What You Have and Experience the Joy Of Giving

Life is a struggle for everyone. It may be possible that your colleague is giving you a tough time and your well-paid job too seems like a nightmare. But, while you can come home to the comfort of a warm bed and food on the table there are some people don’t even have enough food on the plate to feed themselves or their families. Many Israeli families will relate to this. If you are reading this here, you are probably not one of them and you have enough resources for comfortable survival. And when God has been considerate with you, it is time you share what you have and experience the joy of giving. While we don’t expect you to help all the families at once, you can at least contribute a little something to Jewish charity organizations. Your small acts of kindness, if routed through the right channels can help someone have a full meal, or winter clothes and blankets.

If you are someone who believes in the power of human bonds, you would know how important it is to have a family that supports you emotionally. Life is really tough for those who don’t have a family, children without parents and widows face more difficulties than you can imagine and the financial constrains make things even more unbearable. There are some Jewish charities that offer financial and emotional support to those in need. And you can be a part of their efforts to spread smiles by giving a couple of bucks. Skipping a coffee at the high-end place will be enough for someone’s meal in Israel!

The only thing that you need to make sure is that you pick the right charities. Yad Eliezer is a name that you can trust. They make sure that the funds you donate go to those in need as a part of one of their many programs for people in Israel. You can visit their website to have a look at all the programs that they run. Once you get to know what they do, you can donate whatever amount feel comfortable with any of the programs that you resonate with. Your little help can help people in more ways than you can imagine. And always remember your good efforts will definitely come back to you in some ways.

About Yad Eliezer:

Yad Eliezer is an organization that runs a charity for Israel.

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