Amp up Your Style Quotient with Bamboo Sunglasses

Amp up Your Style Quotient with Bamboo Sunglasses

A cool pair of sunglasses is something that can absolutely upgrade your style. One moment you are just a random swimmer on the beach and the very next moment, with your shades on, you are a sort of celebrity with a personality that is almost magnetic. But really great sunglasses cost a lot! If we leave aside the cheaper imitations, quality sunglasses are expensive. And then they tend to get lost! This makes things worse. When you lose a pair that almost cost an arm and a leg, you are petrified, right? Well, our sunglasses with UV protection and polarized are nothing short of a treasure.

Instead of taking it to the beach we would rather keep them in a safe. But, if you can’t flaunt it, what is the point of having it anyway? Instead, you can look for better alternatives. Look for the following features:

  1. Cost-effective: Style is something that comes from within. While you’ve got to pay for the style enhancing accessories, the cost shouldn’t be too much.
  2. Light-weight: If you have worn sunglasses for more than half an hour without losing them, you would know that they can get heavy; if you don’t want your nose bridge to bear all that weight, look for lighter options.
  3. They shouldn’t get lost: There is nothing more upsetting than losing a cool pair of sunglasses in the pool or worse the bottom of a lake. So, look for sunglasses that can float in water and not get lost!

Sounds dream-like, perhaps? Sunglasses that can float in water! But, that is not a wish anymore. You can actually have sunglasses bamboo frames! And you can buy these from Tymber Shades.

Yes, you read that right. There are sunglasses with bamboo frames. And these absolute stunners are a solution to all your problems. Bamboo isn’t the most expensive material, so they are cheaper than others. Bamboo floats, so these shades won’t drown in the pool. And also, bamboo is light, so your nose-bridge can be at ease. Also, it is an environmentally friendly option. And Tymber Shades is the company that offers these innovative and very useful alternatives. Before you pack your bags for the beach vacation, make sure you visit Tymber Shades and choose a pair that suits your style!

About Tymber Shades:

Tymber Shades is a reliable sunglass company specializing in polarized bamboo sunglasses.

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