Beauty Remains By Hensmans Creative Director – James Campbell

Beauty Remains By Hensmans Creative Director – James Campbell


Beauty Remains

Beauty is pain.

Beauty is determination.

Beauty is loss

Beauty is strength.

Beauty is despair.

Through all,

Beauty Remains.

  • James Campbell, Hensmans Creative Director

[Photographer – Wayne Lennon, Make-up Artist – Paola Racabarren, Clothes Stylist – Elena Hristova]

Beauty Remains is the 2018 collection from Hensmans Creative Director James Campbell.


Inspired by the work of Dorothea Lang, and her images of the great depression in 1930’s America and in particular the 1936 image “Migrant Mother”. Beauty Remains explores the relationship between beauty and despair.


In a time when gender equality is being evaluated the one thing that remains unchallenged is the position women hold. With so many amazing females around the world it is unbelievable that full gender equality is still such a distant ideal. Beauty Remains embodies quiet and dignified strength, a clam stillness that has emboldened women the world over.


Hair with strong shapes and beautiful textures combine with influences rooted in classic styling with modern turns creating a timeless collection of images.

Est. 1980



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