BarberSociety LIVE 2018

BarberSociety LIVE 2018


Westergasfabriek Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam

BarberSociety LIVE 2018 was successfully held at the Westergasfabriek exhibition centre in Amsterdam on 15 and 16 April 2018! Invited by BarberSociety, Executive Director Mr. Zen Yip and Mr. Lok Chan as the stage performers to join this unique event in Amsterdam where barbers meet, share knowledge and gain inspiration. It was really a pleasure to see so many nations work side by side to challenge themselves. The barber event with passion for the profession, and more than 3,000 professional people from France, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, and China Hong Kong etc. attended this party.

It is well to be mentioned that AHMA founder Ms. Linda Yip and BarberSociety have reached a preliminary consensus on the issue of alliance, represented a step in the right direction. Besides, replied by BarberSociety, they will join Hong Kong Hair & Styling Arts Festival on Nov14-15, 2018 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Hope to see you at Hong Kong Hair & Styling Arts Festival!

亞洲髮型藝術家協會AHMA很榮幸收到荷蘭Barber Society邀請,并由AHMA 理事ZEN YIP及LOK CHAN代表AHMA參加Barber Society 2018 在阿姆斯特丹一連兩日的舞台表演。兩位的專業表演得到現場觀眾的一致讚賞。此次表演,不僅令兩位髮型師大有收穫,亦讓我們看到歐洲人的嚴謹與認真,這是一個高品質的展覽會,吸引了超過三千多名專業觀眾到場。

AHMA創辦人葉惠敏女士更藉此機會,與Barber Society積極促成聯盟,并邀請他們於今年11月14-15日到港參加由AHMA主辦之香港美髮及造型藝術節。


Asia Hair Masters Association

Posted by BarberSociety Live on Monday, 16 April 2018


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