Zoe Ong, Technical Director from Hong Kong

Zoe Ong, Technical Director from Hong Kong


Zoe Ong, Technical Director from Hong Kong had been in the hair industry for more than 25 years.

After many years of learning and exploration from working in hair salon to being a hair technician in a product company, Zoe took her 1st jump… the faith to start her own chemical class in Hong Kong.

Zoe’s decision of perusing her career in Hair Technical had paid off. With her strong background and passion in hair industry in Hong Kong. Zoe’s supporters had been growing since. Supporters from hairstylist to product company invites to support workshop, seminal, shows and judging in competition.

So what is the role of a hair technician? The hair technician role revolve around dealing with chemical work from hair coloring, perming to testing of different hair products.

A hair technician specialist need to have strong understanding of the different hair structure and the function of different chemical products. To be able to give accurate recommendation on the products and technic needed to achieve the best desired result.


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