Creative Jam X Aphré X Ellery Chua

Creative Jam X Aphré X Ellery Chua

Collection by Ellery Chua

What is this all about?

Creative Jam is an event where hair and beauty artists come together to explore different creative creation together. The team can consist of fashion designers, fashion stylist, hairstylist, make up artist, photographers, videographers, art directors and more.

We truly believe that creative has no border, no limit!!

Our objectives is to challenge the designer, photographer, hairstylists and make up artists to bring out the colors and character of every designer’s collection.

So… if you want to know the process, join us for our next Creative Jam session!!

BHC Creative Jam x Aphre X Ellery Chua

**Special thanks**

Partner Venue Mint Museum of Toys, Fashion label Aphré, Photo by Ellery Chua

Models Dinar Rahimita , Joy Leng , Sherrill Arabelle Nightingale

Hair by Grace Chung of O’Color Hair Salon , Lim Nic  Scott Sim of Hairlistic Team , Sia Kat of Mirror D’ International College

Make up by Genevieve Tay , Jesslin Ng of Tresses Studio , Sochii Kamiya

Style by Vernice Goh and Mabel Yeo

Check out more about Creative Jam X Aphré behind the scenes here

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