Creative Jam X ESH X Chu Chen

Creative Jam X ESH X Chu Chen

Collection by Chu Chen

What is this all about?

Creative Jam is an event where hair and beauty artists come together to explore different creative creation together. The team can consist of fashion designers, fashion stylist, hairstylist, make up artist, photographers, videographers, art directors and more.

We truly believe that creative has no border, no limit!!

Our objectives is to challenge the designer, photographer, hairstylists and make up artists to bring out the colors and character of every designer’s collection.

So… if you want to know the process, join us for our next Creative Jam session!!


**Special thanks**

Creative Jam – Photographer X Fashion Designer X Hairstylist X MUA X Model

Another successful photo shoot organize by Beauty Hero Club

Photo by Chu Chen

Partner Venue Second Storey Cafe Bar Fashion label ESH by Esther

Style by Esther Choy of ESH by Esther , assist by Mabel Yeo, Beauty Hero Club

Models Joy Leng Hair by Jas Li , Kevin Chia Make up by Genevieve Tay

Models Sandy Chu-umnart  Hair by Kevin Chia Make up by Yang Ziwei

Models Siti Amizah Amran Hair by Jas Li Make up by Doris Lee


E S H is a womenswear label started by Esther Choy, a fashion designer who graduated from Lasalle College of the arts.

E S H has an aesthetic based upon the duality of gender in clothing – marrying masculinity and structure with the fluid female form. Drawing inspiration from style muse and classical Hollywood star, Marlene Dietrich, ESH showcases the alluring qualities of androgyny with masculine pieces coupled with a woman’s innate femininity. The layering of separates and deliberate clashing of knitted and woven textures and materials creates a look distinctive unto ESH, representative of the multi-faceted modern day woman. Created mainly for a customer not unlike herself, Esh’s designs aim to exude effortless chic and empowers her audience with quiet confidence.

Behind The Scenes

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