What about Dylan Tung?

What about Dylan Tung?


Dylan Tung

Award-winning hairstylist and colorist, Co-founder of Evolve Salon, Singapore

‘Live Simply•Love Generously•Learn Constantly ‘

2017 marks Dylan’s 3rd time participating in the Global Zoom event, which is hailed as “The Olympics of the hairdressing industry”. Now, the Global Gold Winner and two-time Color Zoom Challenge National Gold Winner is on a mission to help Singaporeans give their tresses a new lease of life for 2018!

Family generally plays a role in shaping one’s life. The same can be said for award-winning hairstylist, colorist and co-founder of Evolve Salon, Dylan Tung. Growing up observing his hairdresser aunt help people cut, color, perm and style hair sparked his interests in creative styling, which influenced his career choice.

In addition to analyzing how hairstyles are created at an early age, he enjoys drawing and painting – and at one point in his life – dreamed of becoming an artist!

Coming from a household of successful business people in the food and beverages sector, however, his parents were concerned about his lack of interest in the family’s dealings. It took his aunt a long time to persuade his parents that he should seek his heart’s desire and pursue a creative career – and that’s how Dylan became the highly successful hairstylist and colorist he is today.

Dylan’s forte lies in his ability to adapt designs and mix colors to produce bold cuts, beautiful tones and smooth textures that capture the myriad of colors on one head of hair. It is no wonder, then, that he has a string of awards under his belt, including the Singapore Diamond Scissors Award (2015) and Color Zoom National Gold Winner (2010 and 2011). He frequently gives talks and conducts masterclasses for Singapore-based hairstylists and colorists at the Goldwell Academy. A regular competitor, he often takes part in international hairstyling contests.

All photographs are courtesy of Kao, Dylan Tung and Evolve Salon.

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About Goldwell  

Goldwell, founded in 1948, develops and exclusively supplies hair products and services world-wide to hairdressing professionals. In 1989, the company became part of the Kao Corporation, Tokyo, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of haircare, cosmetic and household products. Goldwell works closely with and is leveraging international know-how of Kao research and development to create cutting edge products and services, setting new standards to be one of the leading companies in its market.

Goldwell has remained firmly committed to the principle of partnership, which is fundamental to the development of the innovative haircare products that Goldwell markets exclusively to salon professionals in over 40 countries. The range of products includes Topchic, Colorance, Elumen and Nectaya.

Topchic permanent hair color is Goldwell’s core hair color product that delivers superior and reliable results. It contains Coenzyme Technology which guarantees maximum color brilliance with hair that is left in optimum condition.

Colorance is Goldwell’s first demi-permanent hair color that contains a gentle and ph-balanced formula. Its patented Intralipid Technology replaces lost lipids inside the hair to improve the hair structure by up to 35%.

True to its tagline, “Impressive color results, Illuminating brilliance”, Elumen is greatly known for the incomparable color results. Elumen is an oxidant-free hair color that combines color brilliance, vivid gloss and superb durability while improving the hair structure at the same time.

Nectaya is an ammonia-free permanent hair color that contains Goldwell’s advanced IntraLipid technology which deeply nurtures your hair during the coloring process by replenishing loss lipids. Enriched with precious Argan Oil, Nectaya is a super nurturing hair color that leaves hair noticeably healthier, in exceptionally rich colors.

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