Sassoon Salon Live

Sassoon Salon Live


Celebrating the individual with Sassoon Academy

Personalised, bespoke looks were at the heart of the Sassoon show at Salon International

The sheer artistry of hairdressing is synonymous with the Sassoon brand, so it was fitting that their Salon International show was a celebration of technical skill. Geometry and precision were the two buzzwords of the show, but while that might bring to mind typical Sassoon cuts, the looks presented were more about taking those two beliefs and applying them to any hairstyle; fitting, given that the other overarching theme of the show was a celebration of individuality.

International creative director Mark Hayes opened the show by discussing the demise of trends and the increasing acceptance and celebration of individual beauty. “Hair needs to be in tune with the wearer,” he said. “We need to focus on personality and cut and colour hair for the client, not for us. To me, suitability is less about bone structure and face shape; it’s about the person and what’s actually suitable for them. All of the best hairstylists I know have technical skill and creativity, but what sets them apart is empathy. You have to connect with the person in the chair and be able to communicate, whether that’s a model or a client.”

Colour opened the show, with UK colour director Edward Darley joined by an international team of technicians representing the best of Sassoon’s colour heritage. Edward explained that he wanted to, “celebrate the craftsmanship of hair colouring again.” He revealed that he wanted to refocus on precision colour and educate a new generation about the artistry of geometry. “We want to go back to what we’re known for,” he said.

“That’s not just precision in cutting, but in technical colour too. We want to move away from ombré and free-hand colour and really celebrate the geometry and precision of colour. That geometric approach is what it’s all about, no matter how fluid the end result”. – UK colour director Edward Darley

What followed was a series of presentation models, with individual colours applied based on the model’s personality and preferences – no one-size-fits-all trends, just beautiful, bespoke shades. From vibrant peach and super-natural copper to pale linen whites and silver grey, each model had a look that was all about ‘them’.

The cutting section, led by Mark again followed the key themes of individuality and precision. “This isn’t trend-led,” he explained to the audience. “It’s about individualism and eclecticism. Fashion is having an idiosyncratic time right now. There are lots of things to pick and choose from, and that’s exciting.”

The “versatile geometry” concept was applied to cuts as well as colours, with precision techniques used regardless of how soft and natural the end look. A diverse array of looks were presented on stage, with model suitability once again the focus of the styles. Looks ranged from soft-edged androgynous crops to longer, hippy-inspired boho layered long styles and – of course – a classic Sassoon bob in a beautiful, flawless blonde.

After enjoying the live demonstrations, the sell-out crowd were treated to an awe-inspiring show covering the new Sassoon Salon and Academy collections: Kooky, looks which are vintage and globally inspired, with a mishmash of eclectic styles; Neonoir, which is futuristic, pared-back and strong; Mondaine, which celebrates the immense creativity and ground-breaking talent and modernist styles of Cristobal Balenciaga and Jejeune, a diverse celebration of non-conformist style.

HJ’s executive director, Jayne Lewis Orr said: “The Sassoon show is always a sell-out and the crowds clamouring for a picture at the end of this presentation demonstrate that enthusiasm for their unique brand of education. Today’s cuts and colours provided something for everyone and a true celebration of the individual – which should be key for any salon stylist.”

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