Trevor Sorbie

Trevor Sorbie

Colour: John Spanton @ Trevor Sorbie for Hair Club Live

Hair Styling: Tom Connell @ Trevor Sorbie

Styling: Clare Frith

Make-up: Karen Lockyer

Photography: Chris Bulezuik for Team:Talent &

“For a long time, I wanted to shoot a collection with black and white hair, and as we are seeing so much bright colourful hair, the 15 year old in me felt the need to rebel against that and keep the work really monochromatic. As a colourist, I wanted to work on wefts added into the hair and I only wanted to paint freehand, no taping or masking of the hair, to create the effect so I could keep a realism within the work.” John Spanton.

For more information please contact Emilie Scott on or call 01858 419668.

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