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Datin Winnie Loo – Master Judge of BHC International ‘Hair & Beauty’ Photography Competition

Datin Winnie Loo – Master Judge of BHC International ‘Hair & Beauty’ Photography Competition

“I have been around the industry for 41 years. As a professional in the industry, I have reached many forms of success and there is nothing more than I desire than to be able to share my success to other creative individuals in the industry.”

Winnie Loo is a Malaysian hairstylist, entrepreneur, author, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director of A Cut Above Group of Salons and Academy, and Co-founder of Asia Hairdresser Association.

This September marks a mementos month as she celebrates 40 years of her elaborate career in her passion of hairstyling, she was awarded for her leadership. Some of the awards she received include the following:

  1. Ernst & Young’s Women Entrepreneur of the Year
  2. Most Innovative Woman Entrepreneur

Over the years, she has also published three books to share her recipe of success with her fans:

  1. A Cut Above, Build on Hard work. True Grit and a pair of Scissors: Her 1st autobiography book in print 2005. Talks about her life, growing up years, her challenges, work, some fame and success along the way.
  2. The Hair Book: The Trend journey was when she was celebrating 30 years of her career and reflected back the trends that she did. Old images and new ones.
  3. Brand Yourself: Reinvent Your Business, Career & Personal Brand.

She is also the co-founder of Brand Yourself and brand management organization that empowers young and budding entrepreneurs road to success.

She will be judging this year BHC’s International Hair Photography Competition, organized by Beauty Hero Club. More details available here

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