Lee Nien Tsz – Master Judge of BHC International ‘Hair & Beauty’ Photography Competition

Lee Nien Tsz – Master Judge of BHC International ‘Hair & Beauty’ Photography Competition

“This event is the perfect place to spark inspiration to each and every artist, especially to those who are having a hard time starting in the industry. Surely, this industry is difficult and challenging, but we must not give up our dreams and quit. This competition gives hope to all artists and encourages them to soar high.”

Lee Nien Tsz is a well-known make-up artist for Taiwanese celebrities. Her work has been published in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Bazaar, and Vogue. Showcasing her expertise, Lee has appeared in various newspapers and television shows teaching her makeup techniques. She is an avid believer of airbrush make up techniques.

She launched her own airbrush book with almost 300 airbrush in 2014.  The book includes a very detailed instructional DVD that is in both Chinese and English. Known as one of Asia’s most renown airbrush instructors, Lee has taught thousands of students over the years including some of the top celebrity makeup artists in Asia.

She also produced her own collection of makeup products that used the airbrush techniques. Her collections are unique as she has a range for silicon, silicon ultra, water and alcohol based products. Lee also launched her own collection of airbrush professional tools that are available online.

She will be judging this year Master Judge of BHC International ‘Hair & Beauty’ Photography Competition, organized by Beauty Hero Club. More details available here

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