Emiliano Vitale

Emiliano Vitale – Master Judge of BHC International ‘Hair & Beauty’ Photography Competition

Emiliano Vitale – Master Judge of BHC International ‘Hair & Beauty’ Photography Competition

“Judging in this competition is both exciting and overwhelmingly challenging. Surely, looking at the creations of the artists is fun and exciting. However, almost all of the images look great. The fact that there are a whole lot of talented artists in this competition makes it hard to judge, make a decision and choose a winner.”

Emiliano is an established hairdresser based in Australia. He has been in the hair industry for almost over 30 years. He was awarded the Hairdresser of the Year in 2014 at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. Receiving the award was one of the key highlights in his career.

The talented stylist has also won a host of other awards, including Best International Commercial Collection at the prestigious Association of International Professional Press Awards 2011/2012 and Best International Men’s Collection at the same awards in 2010/2011. He was also the first Australian to present his works at the Alternative Hair Show in London.

He started his own salon, é Salon in Sydney in 2000. The salon has received various awards such as”

  1. Hair Fashion of the Year
  2. Salon team of the Year
  3. New creative Force

Over the years, he has been travelling all over the world presenting Asia, Spain, Russia, the UK and America.

Besides setting up his own salon, Emiliano is also the man behind the much respected event called Ssh!, a a global event, based purely on the idea of bringing the best in the business together through a neutral platform in Creative Collaboration with the single desire of Sharing and Contributing to the industry. Teams from across the globe come together to provide inspirational education on a creative level – a unique, interactive and experiential series of presentations designed to delight and inspire the audience. Each team presents a 15 minute visual journey into their creative world.

He will be judging this year BHC’s International Hair Photography Competition, organized by Beauty Hero Club. More details available here

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