Mucota Prime Group Asia with Singapore Salon, Beauty Hero Club

“Good product, born from a good relationship” –MUCOTA

“Good product, born from a good relationship” –MUCOTA

Besides providing high quality hair care products and solutions in the hair and beauty industry, Prime Group Asia (PGA) also emphasise on education like sharing hair techniques and provide a platform for artist to have more exposure to various hair styles and cultures.

This time, PGA once again add value to their key customers by inviting them to the 6th AHMA Anniversary show and Hairstyling Award in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With a 3 days 2 night stay in Sunway Putra Hotel, a 5 Stars hotel.

Exclusive class for Prime Group (Asia) guests

During the AHMA 6th Anniversary Show and Hairstyling Award, GOVIN Salon specially customize an exclusive ‘Live’ demo sharing session for PGA Salon guests from Singapore.

GOVIN Salon emphasis on practical skills, culture and aesthetic education. Their trained designers, in addition to have a solid effort, with the overall shape is more creativity. GOVIN partners will get together to discuss personal goals as well as the overall development of Guo Yi Hair salon, and then understand their own efforts in the direction of the team. Whether you’re a first-class designer, or would like to become a lecturer in training a new generation of designers, it can be obtained with GOVIN with sufficient resources and support.

From its inception in 2002, GOVIN efforts not only in the land of Taiwan, but also often to study abroad trends and technical exchanges. They continue to enrich themselves, just want to bring you the perfect hair art salon experience.

Prime Group (Asia) – Key Diamond Sponsor of AHMA

Exclusive interview with Prime Group (Asia) VIPs

Check out our exclusive interviews with Prime Group (Asia) guests from Singapore Salon. Find out how they feel about this learning trip with AHMA 6th Anniversary Show and Hairstyling Award in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Nicco Siow

Director, Super Blades Hair & Beauty

Debbie Tan

Manager, E.X Style

About Prime Group Asia (PGA)

Prime Group Asia (PGA) is a professional hair care lab with an innovative hair care technology to provide alternative high quality hair care products and solutions in South East Asia. One of their key hair care product is MUCOTA which selected hair stylists at AHMA will be using to work their magic on their models.

MUCOTA established it’s first beauty laboratory in 1984, since then, MUCOTA’s relaxing hair and treatment hair techniques well received in Australia, Korea and L.A. In 2007, MUCOTA entered Mexico’s market, then to Taiwan & Singapore in 1st quarter of year 2009.

Aside from providing quality products, PGA also places a strong emphasis on the education of these products. With frequent workshops and product education sessions, PGA’s goal is to ensure that their clients know exactly how to harness all the beneficial attributes of these products.

Mucota Prime Group Asia with Singapore Salon, Beauty Hero Club

Mucota Dyna

One of the products under MUCOTA is DYNA (90% argan oil treatment). It’s the latest hair treatment from Japan that gives you naturally straight and shiny hair that feels sumptuously soft. It reduces frizzy hair, gives smooth and shiny hair.

Do you want soft, smooth and silky hair by repairing hair damage using ingredients that originally found in hair itself? Tune in here as PGA is going to launch Scena+. They are the pioneer to launch Cell membrane complex.

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