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第十一届亚洲发型师节! 11th AHA Shanghai! 22-24 Jun’16 (Part 1)

第十一届亚洲发型师节! 11th AHA Shanghai! 22-24 Jun’16 (Part 1)

A very fruitful and great learning journey 学习之旅

It had been a great learning experience during our visit to 11th AHA Shanghai, China (AHF, AHA Asian hair stylist Association). Why was it learning rather than eye opening, one might ask. It’s because it had gone beyond hair competition and exhibition.

AHA has touch my heart with it’s high commitment for our Asia hair industry. From getting hairdressers involved in charity work in building more and more schools for the young, to getting the them ready by providing the skills and stage to showcase their inner self.

No words can express how much I had learned about ‘community commitment’ from AHA’s contribution to our hair (very soon Fashion) industry…

VIP Dinner…

Wanna know who are the invited VIPs at 11th AHA, Shanghai, China dinner… let see how many VIPs do you know!

The Fans 协会粉丝

Before the show rehearsal the fans of AHA gets to meet the VIPs first. This is only part of the fans club… OMG!!

Before the Opening 开场前

Openings 开幕

The VIPs 贵宾

The hair competition 美发大赛

There were so much to see here at 11th AHA Shanghai, China that I was not able to split myself to all places. Luckily we have supporters and fans from the VIPs…

Photo from Winnie Loo, A Cut Above Academy, Malaysia

Photo by Benny Lau, hc hair culture, Taiwan

Photo by Rene Tolentino, Huelgas Hairdressing, Philippines

Photo by Karen Gower, Clip Joint, Australia

Some of the participating products booths 参展产品

Booth of Clip Joint Education Australia

Booth of Yingfei Hair Fashion Products Co., Ltd

MDI is the offical distributor in Singapore

More booths

Shanghai Fashion Festival Opening 开幕…

Tune in for our next post…

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