Goldwell Color Zoom 2016 Tips from Global Master Rodica & Global Artist Ken.

Goldwell Color Zoom 2016 Tips from Global Master Rodica & Global Artist Ken.

For Hair and Beauty Professionals, Exclusive interview from Goldwell Global Master and Global Artist

Thank you Goldwell for giving us the chance to interview Goldwell Global Master Ms Rodica Hristu and Goldwell Global Artist Mr Ken Hong. Below is the tips interview for Goldwell Color Zoom 2016 participants. Hair and Beauty Professionals Come and Check it out

Goldwell Global Master Rodica Hristu

Rodica is Global Master Colorist at Goldwell. Kao Corporation. She travelled as far as Europe and many countries in Asia supporting Goldwell education on International level.

“Here’s a couple of tips for those of you who are always interested what is trending in the Color Zoom Challenge.

“I want you to believe in yourself, to believe in your idea, to come out with a beautiful concept. To create the trend that is relevant to disrupt collection, pick a beautiful model or something that inspires you. It can be a simple technique, but it brings a huge visual impact. Put your formulas together, create a color story, or moodboard so you have all the ideas in one place. Pick a shape and disrupt it with color. Keep it simple; similar to what you see in magazine editorial page, be trend relevant, and make sure that your image fits the collection as if it would be an extension of it. Have fun doing it, have a great photoshoot, create an amazing image and I hope to see you in Stockholm.” – Goldwell Global Master Rodica Hristu

Goldwell Global Artist Mr Ken Hong

Ken Hong was the first Singapore representative to be awarded the Grand Champion in the Goldwell International Trend Zoom in 2008, Creative Category, that was held in Valencia, Spain. He is the Salon Director from Evolve Salon.

“In the recent few Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge events, the participants are well aware of the yearly themes. They have great skills and color techniques. However, they lack of one element – the photos submitted are not up to international standards, thus they are unable to express their desired messages. I would suggest them to look for photographers who have experience in editorial. Hence photos will be on par with the international standard. I wish you all the best, persist your dream and you will be able to reach your goal in the near future.” – Goldwell Global Ambassador Ken Hong

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    1. We are sooooo honoured to meet you in person and… OMG, I wish I had more time with you. Once again, a big thank you for your kind generosity!! Till we meet again…

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