2 Nights (Dinner) with a Korea Plastic Surgeon, Dr Kwon

2 Nights (Dinner) with a Korea Plastic Surgeon, Dr Kwon

Plastic Surgery in Hair and Beauty Industry

What do you know about plastic surgery? For me, I know almost zero other than knowing it’s a ‘need’ rather a ‘want’ in the near future (correct me if I am wrong).

I was so honoured to spend not 1, but 2 nights (dinner) with Dr Kwon, bong sik (okie… yes yes I am very lucky). That is because my friend (P&C) introduce him to me, so, do introduce your friends so they get to share their expertise with our Beauty trade.

Here is the lighter side of a Professional Plastic Surgeon, Dr Kwon.

Day 1 dinner: Empress Feast

Restaurant with Traditional Korean design. Garden before entering the restaurant

Traditional interior design. Look, so pack & popular!

They call it the Empress Feast! This is the part 1… part 2 was not taken as we were too busy chatting.

*Yap, my selfie stick is an awesome gift! Thanks Alicia Chong 🙂

Look at the feast:

Day 2 Dinner… Traditional BBQ

Creative way to crack a walnut

Cold Noodle & Spicy Cold Noodle (very very GOOD!)

A drink at Dr Kwon’s frequent VIP lounge.

Want to know more about Dr Kwon?

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